Georgia Refund Notice Letters

Some of our clients have received a notice from the Georgia Department of Revenue that includes the following message:

“The Georgia Department of Revenue has approved your refund claim and the amount is subject to audit verification. The Department may recover all of part of the refund if it determines that the refund amount was incorrect or you were not entitled to the refund.”

If you have received this notice, do not fret. This is simply an information notice that lets you know the GA DOR may look further into your refund to verify it. So far, our clients have not had any issues as a result of this notice and their refunds have not even seemed to be delayed. If you have any questions or concerns with any correspondence you have received from the GA DOR or the IRS, please give us a call.

Additionally, to check the status of your refund, you can click here and select “Georgia” from the drop down box for the state.


-Heritage Accounting and Tax Services