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Please note, as you are preparing your year-end information for your tax preparer, there are a few items that may hold up the filing of your return filing if not provided. After you have finished gathering and entering all of your information for the year, please double-check the following accounts to ensure correct balances at December 31st:

  • Bank Accounts – for all accounts in the business name
  • Accounts Receivable – how much your customers owe you at the end of the year
  • Inventory – the total cost of the items in stock available for resale
  • Accounts Payable – how much you owe your suppliers

In addition, provide us with a list of fixed assets you purchased during the year. In general, these are larger purchases that you expect to use for more than a year. We need to know what was purchased, the date of purchase and the amount. Also, include any finance agreements for loans used to make the purchase.

We look forward to serving your tax preparation needs this year!