Death and Taxes

The death of a love one is a difficult time of grief and change. In addition, settling affairs can be daunting and confusing, including tax consequences. When a taxpayer dies, certain responsibilities fall onto the personal representative (PR). Under state law, a PR is appointed by a court to administer an estate and includes both […]

Tax Credits…in Advance?

Did the IRS send you money last year? If so, you probably received a letter or two from them recently. The IRS sent out one letter for the amount of Economic Impact Payment they sent you (EIP, aka Recovery Rebate, aka stimulus, aka stimmy check). This is what that letter looks like: They sent out […]

Landlord Life

Did you have rental income in 2021? Whether you’ve been in the game for a while or you suddenly found yourself with a rental property on your hands, you probably already realize there are tax considerations involved. You may have had rental income from a vacation unit, residential unit, multi-family home, a portion of your […]

Time for Taxes!

As we approach another tax season, it’s time to ensure that you are well prepared for it. Of course, there will always be areas unique to your situation, but there are a few items that we see year after year that may affect you. So as you are gathering your information together to bring to […]

Christmastime Is Here!

As we surround ourselves in the holiday season, gather with friends and family, and remember the birth of Jesus this Christmas, we also prepare for the end of another year. And as we approach another tax season, we would like to help ensure that you are best prepared for it by giving you some information […]

With Grateful Hearts

The holiday season is upon us, and it brings with it all the busyness and anxiety of meals to prepare, family and friends to entertain, shopping to accomplish and more. In the midst of all this, let’s take some time to look around at all the wonderful things that surround us. Let’s name some things […]

Extension Deadlines

As of the writing of this post, it is mid-August and the tax extension deadlines are coming up quickly! If you were not able to file your business or personal return timely, you had the opportunity to file for an extension of time to submit your return. The extended deadline for personal tax returns is […]

Advance Child Tax Credit Payments

UPDATE 07/22/21: A quick public service announcement: The Child Tax Credit scams have already started. Remember, the IRS will not initiate contact through email or text, so do not click on any links or download anything you aren’t expecting. Additionally, if you’d like to opt out of the advance, it may be easiest for you […]

Of Taxes, Viruses and 2021

A quick update regarding this tax season and ongoing virus concerns… First and foremost, we appreciate your business and look forward to working with you this year! We are flexible and will work with you to get your tax returns prepared in whatever way makes you most comfortable. We have a number of options available […]

Recovery Rebates

You may have noticed an extra $600 or more in your bank account recently. That’s because Congress passed several new measures into law, one of them being an additional advanced rebate, after the initial $1,200 payments that were sent out earlier in 2020.┬áThe bill provides a second round of payments to taxpayers of $600 per […]